Posted on Oct 18, 2016 in Projects

240Kw Combined Heat and Power plant room installation success

Fusion were asked to install the 240Kw packaged CHP plant room, inclusive of all heating and gas pipework, ducting and stainless steel flue. Combined Heat and Power or CHP for short is a great way to squeeze the most of our your heating and power solutions. 

CHP units use natural gas, LPG or Biogas as a fuel source. This in turn drives a generator for electricity production. The cost to produce the electricity through CHP is a fraction of the cost of buying direct from the grid. The process of CHP also means that hot water is created as a by-product, which can be used for the heating system within the premises.

CHP installations are an ideal heating solution for businesses with a large heating demand such as leisure centres and schools. Fusion Heat and Power are able to advise and consult on all CHP options to business and we recommend that you contact us here to start discussions on how we can help you with your heating needs through a CHP install.

Our commercial heating services are a fantastic, cost effective way for you to improve your business’ heating and hot water costs. Learn more about Combined Heat and Power here.