CHP or Combined Heat and Power is a fantastic way to provide clean energy to your business premises and save you money at the same time.

What is CHP?

CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power. It is one of the most effective ways to efficiently maintain your business utilities in terms of electricity consumption and heating. A CHP unit is an on-site, efficient electricity generator that captures the heat produced by the generator and utilises it as thermal energy that can be used for your heating rather than letting it go to waste. The results of a CHP system installation are impressive savings to both your heating and electricity bills as well as efficient energy production to meet the needs of your business. These units are ideal for large facilities such as schools, hotels or leisure centres.

Ideal for premises with a high electricity demand, such as leisure centres, schools, shopping centres and hotels.
Short term paybacks due to high savings and unused electricity sold back to the grid.
Heat generated can be stored in a vessel for later use if not immediately required.
Full turnkey packages available, including design, installation and registration.

How Can CHP Help My Business?

CHP units use natural gas, LPG or Biogas as a fuel source. This in turn drives a generator for electricity production. The cost to produce the electricity through CHP is a fraction of the cost of buying direct from the grid, making your long term savings significant.

The process of CHP also means that hot water is created as a by-product, which can be used for the heating system within the premises. These substantial savings are also increased with various opportunities to sell back any unused electricity to the grid. Our consultation services can advise you on the opportunities you can gain for a CHP installation in your premises. We encourage you to get in touch to learn more about the advantages you can gain from a Combined Heat and Power Solution.

Our team are honest experts and will provide you with the help and advice that you need in order to decide the best solution for your company's needs. We are one step ahead when it comes to innovative energy efficiency solutions and are capable of busiling, installing, maintaining and repairing your new or exisitng CHP energy solution.

Why Use FH&P?

Our accredited teams are trained to ensure that your CHP installation is achieved effectively and with minimal disruption to your business. We have worked on and maintain a range of large CHP projects that put our skills and experience to practice. View our recent case studies to learn more.  With dedicated installation, service and maintinance options on a wide range of different CHP models, we can offer you the best service available, giving you the confidence that your energy efficient business is in safe hands.