“Solar thermal hot water panels for your home. Heat your house through the power of the sun!”

Solar panels harness energy from the sun. This energy can be used to heat your home and provide hot water. Solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to produce electricity. They will work on a cloudy day as well.

Fully accredited hot water solar thermal panels installed by Fusion Heat and Power are worth considering if you require hot water heating and have a roof facing anywhere between East and West with little shade.

Most roofs in the UK can be designed to accommodate a solar thermal installation with little issue or intrusion. These details are confirmed following a full technical survey by Fusion. Solar thermal systems are designed to heat domestic hot water spaces combining your current hot water system with your new solar thermal panel installation. Non invasive ballasted systems can be designed for flat roof applications, and the solar energy can be diverted to heat swimming pools, warm air handling units as well as potential farming and dairy operational demands.

Solar panels by Fusion Heat and Power ltd

  • Reduce your electricity bills – Sunlight is free. Once your solar panel system is installed you will start to see a deduction in your household bills.
  • Access to the RHI – The government’s RHI scheme still includes solar panel installation. This means you could see a return on your investment through government funding by installing solar panels. You can also sell your unused electricity back to the grid. This is through the government’s Feed-in tariff.
  • Raise your expectations – The Fusion Heat and Power team are well experienced in solar panel installation. Our team can offer you the right advice for the most effective investment. Our assurance on quality means you can take advantage of a hassle free installation service with minimal disruption.


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Maintenance and ongoing costs

Solar thermal systems are relatively simple and have a few moving parts, and as such don’t require any significant maintenance. However, it is recommended that an annual inspection is planned, perhaps the same time as a boiler service, and G3 check is conducted and the fluid is changed every 2 – 5 years. This can be arranged and conducted by Fusion. Contact us here for more information.