Under floor heating offers a comfortable, consistent temperature within a property as opposed conventional radiator systems by heating up the surface area of the floor as a whole. By doing this the temperature of the room is maintained, reducing the varied room temperature associated with radiators.

Under floor heating solutions by FH&P

  • Bespoke to your needs – We offer a full range of under floor heating products from single zone systems, retrofit systems and complete new installations. We provide a turnkey package including design, specification, installation and commissioning. We can also offer a floor screeding service to complete the project.
  • Hassle free – The Fusion engineers enable cost effective under floor heating installation in a stress free, tried and tested way that saves you time and money.
  • A clean, effective solution – Under floor heating reduces issues of cleaning behind radiators and pipes, effective under floor heating gently warms your home from the ground up. This is beneficial for your health and is more efficient than more traditional home heating methods, saving you money.
  • Comfort and quality – Our under floor heating services gives you complete control of the temperature of your home. A full range of thermostat options are available including standard dial thermostats, digital thermostats and full smart hub systems, which allow full control of the under floor heating system via a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.
  • Reliable, dependable, professional– Every project we take is treated with the highest degree of professional service expected. Your investment in our under floor heating services is a priority that we take seriously, every time.

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Types of underfloor heating:

  • Traditional screed system made up of 100mm Celotex or equivalent insulation laid on a concrete base, with 14mm fastflo tube stapled to the insulation and a 65mm sand and cement dry screed laid over the top. This type of under floor heating would traditionally be laid at new build/renovation stage.
  • Suspended floor system is made up of metal plates, screwed to the underside of the floor from below, the pipework is then installed between the joists into the plates. Finally a layer of insulation is added prior to the plaster board ceiling being installed.
  • Retrofit under floor heating systems can be laid directly onto the existing floor surface, and are designed to achieve a high output while using smaller pipe, this allows installation without causing issues with existing doorways and ceiling heights. Build up can be as little as 15mm (the size of a five pence piece!)
Video credited to Nu-Heat.co.uk